"If you have at least ONE string player in your family you could spend the first days of the New Year here with your family. Don't split the family for music's sake! Other 'guest instruments' are welcome too as long as you bring the sheet music..."

Chamber Music Feast ~ Workshop
Coochiemudlo Island ~ 4th to 9th Jan '11.
Apply now. Deadline is end of September.

  Conditions for Coochie Music:

  • Having fun with music for the musician(s) in the family. Everyone else in the family can just do 'what they want.'
    • Relaxed playing with out pressure. No need to impress or compete.

    • All levels catered for. An opportunity to take out that instrument from the cupboard and regain dormant skills.

    • There will be advanced players with professional string players attending.

    • Learn by doing - Enjoy the flow of music and gain a higher level of perfection.

    • Experience musical peaks of a group of musicians in "sync."

    • Like minded people enjoying the simple things of life. Music written by the old Masters, much of written it for their own and their friends enjoyment.

    • Apply now. You will start the New Year on a Very Happy Note!

    P.S. Deadline for enrolment is the 15th September 2014 - better apply today.

      Please Note:

      If you can abide to above rules you may be eligible for this deliciously indulgent event. If you can't abide to above rules, you obviously choose to continue living in the musical grey zone of inhibition and inferiority complexes (or in the even more deplorable black zone of conceit in case you think you are too good)!

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      Do you want this event to capture only the hearts of others?


      Do you want to be part of it?

      If yes apply now! Click on Next for more...